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Instructions For Use

See full-color detailed Instructions for Use for device placement, and warnings and precautions.

Advanced Hearing Protection for Infant Transport & MRI

Designed and developed by a team of neonatal care professionals, research scientists, and engineers, NEATCAP® DREAMIES® T-M offers a unique and easy-to-use solution to the problem of noise exposure of infant patients during hospital transport and MRI examinations.

DREAMIES T-M materials and design provide wide-range sound attenuation across the audible frequency range, including the low-frequency, sounds associated with air and ground transport, and sounds within the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sound environment.

Reduced exposure to noise increases the probability that the MR examination can be completed without sedation and with fewer motion artifacts. [M5] You may be able to reduce patient preparation time and increase imaging study time by using DREAMIES T-M.

DREAMIES T-M provides an overall sound reduction of 27 dB, with maximum sound blocking at frequencies where MR sound levels are typically the loudest. [M7]

DREAMIES T-M is designed for comfort, and ease-of-use, and comes in a range of sizes to fit the full range of neonatal patients from small premies to children up to age 2.

The unique design of DREAMIES T-M provides a low-profile and stable fit resulting in compatibility with transport and MR imaging protocols.

Learn how DREAMIES T-M are easy to use.

revision: AC071523