Literature data reveals that the sounds during MR scanning are consistently loud at all audible frequencies, and can be especially loud where hearing is most sensitive [M7].

From this research, we realized there could be no “One-Size-Fits-All” noise protection solution that adequately addresses the range of neonatal patient care experiences and their varying intensive care sound environments.


Our Solution – DREAMIES and DREAMIES T-M

We used this information to develop two innovative, passive hearing protection devices for neonates undergoing hospital critical care:

  • DREAMIES, with sound-blocking performance that approximates the natural noise protection provided by a mother’s body during pregnancy — preferentially filtering out high-frequency noises, and still allowing some transmission of low-frequency human voice — for use during routine care of premature and NAS babies

  • DREAMIES T-M, with broad-spectrum sound-blocking performance — for use during ground and air hospital transport and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations. DREAMIES T-M is MR Safe based on testing by a premiere MR Safety testing laboratory.

Both devices are designed with the special form, fit, usage, and function requirements of neonatal critical care in mind.