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Instructions for Use

See full-color detailed Instructions for Use for device placement, and warnings and precautions.

Advanced Hearing Protection for Premature & NAS babies in the NICU and PICU Infants

Designed and developed by a team of neonatal care professionals, research scientists and engineers, NEATCAP® DREAMIES® offer a unique and practical solution to the problem of noise exposure of neonatal and infant patients during routine intensive care.

The DREAMIES device simulates the type of noise protection a baby would naturally experience inside the mother’s body during pregnancy. [N19] DREAMIES materials and design preferentially block high-frequency noises such as monitor alarms, [N20] while still allowing some transmission of beneficial low-frequency sounds from the human voice. [N21]

DREAMIES provide an overall sound reduction of 19 dB and over 20 dB in the frequency range of NICU alarms.

DREAMIES are designed for comfort and ease of use and come in progressive sizes to fit the full range of neonatal and infant patients as they grow throughout their hospital stay.

Relax,  Sleep,  Dream.  DREAMIES have been rigorously tested.  Findings of clinical studies conducted in major Regional Hospital Level III NICUs suggest DREAMIES may help improve physiologic activity and promote sleep. [E8, E9, E10]

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